What A Gemini Woman Looks For In A Man

Men, if you like women who are witty, bright, fun to be with, like variety and who love the idea of being a man’s companion, then you’re probably looking for a Gemini woman. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger, so be ready to receive messages from your Gemini woman all day long, and all night long if she feels so moved.  In fact, without communication, a Gemini woman will simply shrivel up and die. She cannot live without exchange of information.  Don’t try to change her!  If you do, it would be tantamount to intellectual murder – really. 

Geminis were put on this earth to exchange all the information that exists in our human society.  Just like every nerve in your body exists to exchange information about whatever it is connected to, so your Gemini woman will feel it is her purpose on earth to talk, to write, to look for endless ways to communicate the wealth of ideas about everything she is connected to within her own little world.  Whether what she communicates is factually right or wrong is not the most important thing for her, the fact that she can communicate what facts exist – THAT’s her goal.

If you can understand this, and even appreciate it, then you just might the kind of man who deserves a wonderfully bright, witty, intelligent, smart, helpful, generous, friendly companion.

Keywords and keyword themes: interesting, bright, fun, travel, sociable, friendly, polite, clever, intelligent, sense of humor, well-mannered.

The following are “job descriptions” required to be the single, most important man in a Gemini woman’s life.  If you’re interested in applying, just make sure you have the credentials to back up your claims.  Then, if she’s interested, get ready for the best communications specialist partner you can imagine. 

Oh, also… Gemini women love variety in everything – especially in you know what 🙂


Who is that man who will be able to complete me? Who is that man who will become my inseparable half? Who is that man who will be the one and special among all others for me? Who is that man whose life will have no sense without me, without his half? I am waiting and looking for this man – and I don’t know who he is!! I trust my heart – it will help me to feel: “This is that man – your man!”, when I meet him. My man is loyal, my man smiles without any reason, my man is a responsible and deep person, my man is kind and caring, my man will never hurt me, my man will always respect me. It is a challenge – to meet someone true, someone real and someone who will activate the deepest layers of your soul and heart – someone who will reflect everything that you wish to find in your half, someone whom you will love as he is at the same time!! Yes, to meet real love – is a challenge, but if you are ready to risk, if you are ready to cross the world looking for your love – this challenge will turn to never endless happiness when you finally meet your treasure and will join with your lost second half!! I am looking for a man who knows who he is – who will not be afraid to recognize me as his half and to join our lives forever without any doubts and fears!!

The man I am looking for has to know how real man has to be. I want him to be carrying, loving, kind-hearted and pliant. I like men who are neat. I will fall in love with a man who knows how to treat a lady and how to win her heart. I am romantic person and I hope my future husband will be at least a little romantic too.

I have always dreamed to create a united and happy family with a man who loves children and life, who will be attentive, tender and caring with me. The most important for me are the inner world of a man, his values and life views.

I am looking for a responsible male with high goals. Someone who still believes in a man being a gentlemen; kind enough to open doors, pull out chairs for the ladies, etc. Also for someone who is RICH IN HIS HEART. I seek someone who will take marriage very serious. It is important to me that I try everything I can to make my partner happy, I expect the same in return from him; this allows us to maintain a healthy and successful relationship for a loving home and family.

My man should be real, and he should never try to be someone else. I want to accept him to the fullest, with all his drawbacks and virtues. Honest, a man with good heart, a man with good heart and trust, a man with love caring and understanding.aim looking for the right man who know what love is and know how to treat a woman, a man who is honest, sound and understanding what love is, and he really need to know how to make love and sex with a woman. I want his heart to be perfect for me, but not his appearance.

If you are a reliable and sociable man ready for serious relationships maybe it is YOU I am looking for!

I am searching for a clever, reliable, kind, and caring, with a good sense of humor man, who likes traveling. I am looking for someone who enjoys life and is spontaneous, fun loving person that likes new things, someone that shares similar interests with me, my better half that will love being with me.

 I want happy and strong relations based on love and honesty! Also I value in relations understanding and respect between a man and a woman! This is the main thing for me in an ideal relationship!

 In the relationships with my future beloved I will appreciate the following: mutual understanding, respect, sincerity. I would like him to be generous, kind-hearted, brave enough, goal-oriented. Yes, I agree there not many men who contain all those features and who can meet all my demands. But I don’t need many! I just need one man. One and forever. I know that you are somewhere near. I will be waiting for your response impatiently!

I would like to meet a serious, clever and intelligent man. A strong man with a strong will with whom I will be able to feel myself weak and at the same time the most beloved, the most desirable, and the happiest lady.

I think that we shouldn’t separate happiness of the couple on one hand what makes a wife and on another what makes a husband. I think that happiness is made by our own hands but hands of a couple not only a half of it. The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything that comes along their way. The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. I do want a husband, partner and a best-friend. Someone I can trust and I know will love me and the children.

I wait on my real man. I don’t want to handsome man with nice smile. I would like to meet my sole mate with big heart.

I would like to find kind, tender, cheerful man. I would like him to be sympathizing and not greedy. I am looking for a man with a good sense of humor and who could listen to… If I find such man I will make him feel himself as the happiest one in the world and I will share all my love, care and tenderness with him.

I am looking for a kind, reliable, generous, reliable, communicative and loving man. I want a man who will respect me and take me seriously, who will ask for my opinion. I think that our relationship should be based on partnership and love. And I hope that my soul mate believes in love and tender feelings.

I want to create each day of my life best way and just my future man will be able to help me with it! I wish to find honest and faithful person! Also I hope he will be generous and understanding, well-mannered znd with a great sence of humor at the same time!


Aren’t Gemini Women Simply Beautiful?

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