What A Capricorn Woman Looks For In A Man

These are words written by Capricorn women of the type of relationship they are looking for with a man.  Notice the strong Saturnian qualities she looks for. 

Notice the keywords and keyword themes: Stable, loyal, faithful, responsible, long-term, sincere, serious, values, expectations, true.

Men: These are “job descriptions” required to be the single, most important man in a Capricorn woman’s life.  If you’re interested in applying, just make sure you have the credentials to back up your claims.  Then, if she’s interested, get ready for the best business partner you can imagine (with all the perks thrown is as well :-))


I am looking for a caring, easy-going and good-looking man who loves good music, books and spending pleasant time together. He also should be open-minded and have a good sense of humor. For me family is the most important in the world and I want to find that special one who appreciates family values very much. I am looking for someone I could rely on his shoulder and forget about all problems near him. I wish to enjoy each minute with my man. I wish to give warmth and care and to receive it in exchange.”

I expect my man to be caring and understanding, with a great sense of humor and adventure. I can be very emotional at times but believe that it is more advantage than a drawback. I am sure a mature and skillful man can easily find the way to cope with that and smooth out the rough edges for I am not hot-tempered at all. I love when a man makes fuss about me, shows his care emotionally, wants to hold my hand all the time, expresses his feelings. Its important to me that a man should remember all details and points of our meetings, our conversations and things I like- this is one of the aspects that will make me adore him. To me appearance is not as important as charisma it means being sociable and have mutual understanding! and the impression which the man makes on me.

I hope to meet very kind, sincere, opened man, who will be faithful in relationship and generous in emotions. He must be loyal, polite, but strong and reliable as the real man.

I am looking for a sincere relationship that will lead to marriage. My intention is not to have e-mail games. I am looking for a loving and devoted husband I can create a family with. I want a man in my life that wants to find true love, passion, trust, understanding, and happiness in his life. Someone that is true to his heart, and true to his word.

I am looking for a cheerful, sociable and educated man who is ready to have a serious relationship.

What do I think about ideal relationship? For me it is just a feeling. I need a strong man who will keep comfort and calmness of our house and our family. Take care about me and our future kids.

I am not an ideal person, so I do not have right to an ideal man. However, my second half should have some qualities that are essential for relationships and marital life. The corner stone of relationships is sincerity, mutual respect and complete honesty. I want my future husband also to be a romantic man, who would be attentive, affectionate and considerate. If he is without bad habits, that would be a great plus point for him.

I want to connect my life with a smiling, positive, tender, caring, brave and courageous man, who can be resposible, and able to solve conflicts and problems easily. He should be my protector, tender lover, best friend and love my son as his own. I hope to create an ideal relationship based on trust, mutual understanding and peace in both hearts. If you are ready to become the most important man in my and my son’s life, I will be glad to welcome you and to open the doors into my soul and heart. I want to become the mistress and wife, friend and beloved woman to the one man, who will be loyal, will value our family traditions, and want to enjoy life with me in love and harmony.

A person who will appreciate my tendency to be sexual and attractive for him is the perfect soul mate for me.

I believe in True Love. I know that everyone has its second half. I know that my soul mate is looking for me! I believe in Fate, but I also know that our destiny and happiness are in our hands, that is why I do not want to hesitate and waste time, I want to find my beloved man as soon as possible, because loneliness is unbearable. I believe that love has the powerful energy, vitality, which makes us better and give us inspiration to live.

I dream of a man who is kind, joyful, intelligent, caring, loves to communicate. I need a man who will speak his mind, who will say what he feels, what he thinks, what he wants.

I am looking for an honest person, who can be responsible and caring and I am ready to present all my feelings to such person.

I dream to meet a reliable, smart and caring man with a good sense of humor and high moral values, with whom we can create a strong loving union and will be nice parents for our children because this is the most important thing in life.

I dream to meet a charming, intellectual, with a sense of humor, and not greedy man. I want to be a special woman for him. I think that it is a great happiness to be with your soul-mate, to share feelings, views and experiences with him.

I am in search of my second half… My soul… My heart… The one who is ready to fulfill his life with happiness and love!

Aren’t Capricorn women simply beautiful?

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